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Oncost Cash & Carry rewards members of its membership program
February 5, 2019, 4:35 pm

Oncost Cash and Carry, the first wholesale membership retail store in Kuwait, held an event last week in its Fahaheel branch to present some of its first members with their cashback rewards.

The presentation ceremony, which was held on January 17th, saw three members of the program, Shahul Hameed Alingal, Haseeb Koramman Kandy and Mohammad Albasha, receiving KD209, KD191, and KD24 respectively as cashback on their purchases made during their membership period. The ceremony was conducted in the presence of management and members from Oncost Cash & Carry, namely Chief Operating officer Mr. Remesh Ananda Das, Marketing Manager Mr. Talal Algharaballi, and Operations Manager Mr. Hassan Khalil.

In his speech, COO Ananda Das highlighted the benefits of the program and expressed his appreciation for the relationship the company has and will continue to maintain with its loyal customers.

Oncost’s Membership Program, which was launched over a year ago on 1 January, 2018, provides members with up to 4 percent cashback on their purchases made during their membership period. The three patrons were among the early birds to register as members in the loyalty program, and more cashbacks are expected to be given on a daily basis, as other members complete their annual membership term.

The Membership Program seeks to reward members for their loyalty to the brand, in addition to providing them with a huge range of products at very cost-effective prices.

Oncost Cash and Carry has consistently focused on satisfying the needs of individual customers, families and professional businesses, while also strengthening its relationships with shoppers through its customer-oriented approach to business.

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