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Oncost Cash & Carry announces winners of Hawalli Mega Draw promotion
July 3, 2018, 2:10 pm

Oncost Cash & Carry, the first ‘warehouse club’ brand in Kuwait that popularized the concept of allowing club members to enjoy wholesale prices in a retail environment, announced on June 25, the lucky winners of its recent Hawalli ‘Mega Draw’ promotion.

The special promotion, which ran exclusively at the Oncost Cash & Carry’s branch in Hawalli, entitled shoppers a coupon for every KD5 spent in the store.

The names of the five winners of the Mega-Draw promotion are:

Abdulhameed Mohammad Abdullah Mohammad, who received the grand prize of a brand new KIA Rio 2018 car.

The second-prize winner was Evelyn B. Ramos, who walked away with the new iPhone X.

Meanwhile, the third, fourth and fifth prize winners were Ali Wehbi, Ahmad Mohamamad Saeed Khanafer and Khaled Odeh. They were presented with gift vouchers worth KD100, KD75 and KD50 respectively.

The 45-day long promotion was an overwhelming success, with thousands of shoppers rushing daily into the Oncost Cash & Carry outlet in Hawalli to access the huge range of value products and to participate in the ‘Mega-Draw’ promotion

The wholesale concept offered by Oncost Cash & Carry allows its customers to take advantage of purchasing high quality products at wholesale prices in a modern retail-store environment..

Oncost Cash & Carry, which has been revolutionizing retail shopping in Kuwait since its inception in 2011, is well-known for its flexibility and amenability when it comes to accommodating the needs of the market. The brand prioritizes convenience and high-level service while striving to provide shoppers with significantly discounted prices.

Adapting to the latest trends and challenges of today’s retail market environment, Oncost Cash & Carry has been in the forefront of offering shoppers a unique set of diverse offerings and promotions.


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