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Oncost Cash & Carry announces Shuwaikh Mega Draw promotion winners
May 7, 2018, 1:31 pm

Oncost Cash & Carry, the first wholesale membership retail store in Kuwait, where members are offered products at wholesale prices in a retail environment, launched a ‘Mega Draw’ promotion to celebrate the opening of its first in Shuwaikh, and its largest and fourth branch in the country.

The promotion, which was limited exclusively to the new Shuwaikh branch, ran from 11 to 25 April. During the promotional period, for every KD10 purchase, customers received one coupon, which entered them into the Mega Draw.

The winners of the draw received a host of fantastic prizes, with the first place winner Aliasger Juzar Daliwala received a cash prize of KD1000, while the second, third and fourth place winners, respectively Kanakamahlakshimi Nakka, Efifania Balanay Castillo and Maryam Fadel Al Handal are the proud owners of a new iPhone X.

The 5th place winner Mahmoud Abdulaziz Sharaf Aldeen won an Oncost gift voucher worth KD100. Oncost’s Shuwaikh branch offers customers the benefits of wholesale shopping in a modern retail environment that prioritizes convenience and top-notch services, while ensuring significantly discounted prices to its customers.

Oncost’s pricing policy has been constructed to focus on competitive pricing by the unit and wholesale prices by the pack or carton, to pass on substantial savings to its loyal customer base. Moreover, there are the added benefits of weekly promotions that see customers shopping for household staples with great savings.

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