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Oman bans domestic workers from African countries
February 2, 2016, 3:52 pm

Oman has stopped issuing visas to domestic workers from Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Guinea and Cameroon. It was reported that the decision was taken to stop the spread of disease from African countries to Oman, and curb criminal activity in the sultanate.

Muscat Daily reported the news on Tuesday but said the decision actually took effect on January 31. Royal Oman Police senior official Maj Rashid al Abri was quoted as saying: “We have issued a circular on Sunday in this regard. Domestic workers from African countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Senegal, Guinea and Cameroon will not be issued visas to work in Oman.

“Firstly, this is to prevent the spread of diseases from these African countries to Oman. “[Second], we have also found that domestic workers from these countries get involved in certain crimes. We need to stop this practice.”

He explained that the process to cut the number of recruits from these countries started a few months ago and the official ban was implemented from February 1. However, the new rule does not apply to workers from these countries who are already living in Oman. They can renew their contracts as normal, he said.

Source: Arabian Business

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