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Oishii Sushi
November 1, 2015, 12:59 pm

The Oishii Sushi branch located in Salhiya is in one of the quieter parts of the district andprovides a haven away from the noise and bustle of the city. The minimalists well as the chic can enjoy dining in the outdoor area in comfortable wicker chairs, watching the occasional car whiz by while sipping a complimentary refreshing cup of green tea flavored with locally grown organic lemongrass. If you are craving a little more privacy, the design of the indoor area will leave you with the view of the sushi bar, appetizing the senses even further.

Here are a few recommendations to try out from their amazing menu.

Salad:Start out with a Salmon and Avocado Salad with mixed lettuce, avocado and crisps. It is so big that sharing is always an option.

Lollipop:Expect to be surprised with this appetizer’s artful presentation; the rice cake perfectly squared and fried to a delicious crisp and the shredded crabsticks atop that burst with a zesty marinade.

Popcorn Shrimp: With popcorn literally on the shrimp, they took the title to its core. This is a recommended appetizer that is new and exclusive to their Kuwait City branch.

Mini sushi burgers: Moving to another Oishii signature dish or an American take on Japanese, try out the mini sushi burgers. Where the mini patty sits comfortably between two grilled Sushi rice patties, dried mushroom, rocca leaves for an added crunch, and the ever-so-addictive sweet potato chips that could also be ordered individually to munch on between plates.

NegiMiyaki: This comes in the form of sushi rolls and to some extent tastes like a burger. Since they come in pieces of eight, those are worth sharing as well.

Sushi rolls:You will be equally surprised by menu creations like the Chicken Caesar roll, with breaded chicken and lettuce rolled in potato chips and cheese,with a classic Caesar flavor, yet in the form of a Japanese roll. For the avid sushi enthusiast, the Lava roll and the spicy mix of sushi nigiri are the ones to try out.

Paella:Choosing rice or noodles is up to you to side with your Teriyaki choices.It is suggested that you enjoy the Spanish twist of Oishii’s signature seafood Paella, steamed or fried to the offerings of your choice. All rice dishes at Oishii are sided with onions, potatoes and mushrooms. If the craving of the day is noodle centric, you can try the shrimp yaki soba as the tangy sauce expertly complements the crunch of the deep fried shrimp and sautéed vegetables that accompany it.

Oishii is located in Salhiya, next to the Al JawharaTower, and in the seaside area of Al Shaab. For reservations, dial 69637195. Log on to for more information 

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