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Odd concealer beauty tricks
March 29, 2016, 2:24 pm

Ask any makeup guru and they will tell you that next to sunscreen, a flattering color concealer is a girl’s best friend. The handy little tool can cover up zits, hide under eye circles, and even out skin tone in a snap. But in addition to its traditional uses, concealer can be used in a number of weird and downright obscure beauty hacks. From hiding unwanted eyebrow hairs to creating fuller-appearing lips, concealer is a magical makeup tool.  Here are some tips for weird ways to use concealer.

For the eyes:  Use a concealer to highlight the high lid and all around the eye brows for it will mask any newly grown hairs and will give the eyebrows back a fresh shape between tweezing appointments.

Here is the method:  using a fluffy brush, apply a long-wearing concealer on the eye lid to provide a great base for an opaque shadow look. Long wearing concealer is a good base for shadow but don’t glob it on.  A fluffy brush will soften the amount you deposit to the eye and give sheer coverage to the lid.

For the lips:  If you apply some concealer to a lip, you can use it to enhance the look of lips but also neutralize your lip colors. Also, when you want to achieve fuller-looking lips, use a matte lipstick of any color, and with the tip of your finger, add a small amount of concealer at the center on your lips using a blotting motion to create a 3-D look. Also, for sharper lipstick and fuller lips, take a Q-tip with a lighter shade of concealer to clean around the edges of the lips.

However, applying concealer all over your lips before you apply lipstick can change the shade of a lipstick.

For the face: Concealer can be used for highlighting your cheekbones, nose and above the brow, very beneficial for light contouring.  To attempt this simple and easy sculpting method, just apply concealer to your upper cheeks bones above to jawbone.

You can also use concealers that are darker than your shade for contouring the face. Another trick is to mix a little concealer with a luminous, pearly moisturizer for a quick makeup pick me up at the end of the day.


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