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Obaid Saad Al Rishidi is Gulf Bank’s newest and youngest Al Danah Millionaire
January 14, 2018, 3:53 pm

Gulf Bank congratulates Obaid Saad Al-Rishidi for winning its annual Al Danah account prize of One Million Kuwaiti Dinars. Kuwait’s newest Al Danah millionaire was announced live and simultaneously broadcast on 88.8 FM Kuwait Pulse during the exciting draw event at The Avenues Mall. As with all Gulf Bank draws, it was conducted in the presence of a representative from the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Abdulaziz Ashkanani.

The event was hosted by popular media personality and social media celebrity, Omar Al-Othman.  Representing Gulf Bank, Mijren Al Mijren, Assistant Manager for Corporate Communications, energized the crowd, along with Mr. Ahmad Al Matari, Trainer, Human Resources. The three hosts electrified the air and had the crowd at the Avenues cheering for each winner.

Red Account Winners

During the event, the Bank also announced the winners of the red account draw. Ms. Shouq Hasan Ashour won a new Fiat 500c car; and winning Apple prizes were Mr. Khalefa Douaig Jumma - Apple Watch;  Mr. Ahmed Mohammad Karam – iPad Pro; and Ms. Hawraa Abdullah Ateyah –iPhone. Gulf Bank looks forward to receiving the prize winners at the head office.

Performance by Al Mass Traditional Band
The highly-anticipated event kicked off at 5 pm with a range of children’s activities.  Then, the growing crowd of attendees were treated to a live performance by the AlMass Band. With their popular mix of traditional songs and dances, inspired by Kuwait’s seafaring traditions, the night got off to a dynamic start.

‘Catch the Cash’ Money Box Game
Hundreds of people also registered for a chance to enter Gulf Bank’s exclusive and wildly popular “Catch the Cash” money box game.  Once the main event started, participants’ names were selected live through a random raffle by the event hosts.  Introduced last year, this game has proven to be a crowd favorite. The game is simple, once selected to play, you enter the box and have 10 seconds to catch as many notes of different denominations as you can. These notes are then exchanged for cash on the spot with the total prize amount being KD 3,000.

Kuwait Newest Al Danah Millionaire Announced
Mr. Tony Daher, Chief Executive Officer of Gulf Bank, took to the stage along with Mr. Meshari Shehab, Assistant General Manager for Priority and Wealth Management, and Mr. Tarek Al Saleh, Assistant General Manager for Investments, to announce the newest winner. This year marks the ten-year anniversary of Gulf Bank making millionaires and the newest winner was randomly selected, Mr. Obaid Saad Al-Rishdi won the big prize of KD One Million. Gulf Bank extends its sincere congratulations to Kuwait’s newest and youngest Al Danah Millionaire. 

Guinness World Records
Last year, Gulf Bank was proud to set Guinness World Records achievement live during its event. The Al Danah account prize of One Million KD was named the ‘largest bank prize linked to a bank account prize in the world’.  Gulf Bank solidly beat out the previous record and still holds this title for this year. In honor of this well respected and esteemed international recognition, the Bank showcased its custom Guinness World Records books. A large replica of the book served as the backdrop of our popular photo booth.  Attendees were able to take pictures with and see the book, its cover, and the pages dedicated to Gulf Bank.

Celebrating Ten Years of Making Millionaires
Commenting on this exciting Al Danah Millionaire draw, Ms. Laila Al-Qatami, Assistant General Manager for Corporate Communications at Gulf Bank said: “We are proud to have concluded another successful draw event.  This year marks Gulf Bank’s ten-year anniversary of making millionaires and we are happy to be celebrating this amazing milestone. We are also pleased to continue to hold the title of ‘largest prize linked to a bank account payout in the world’ from Guinness World Records for our Al Danah account prize of KD One Million. We thank Kuwait for joining us as the event and look forward to continuing to make millionaires!”

Al Danah is Gulf Bank’s flagship account and account holders are eligible to win valuable cash prized through its daily and quarterly. To participate in the Al Danah draws, customers must have an Al Danah account containing a minimum of KD 200 and the chances of winning increase corresponding to the amount deposited in their Al Danah account. Stay tuned for more information on the Al Danah account prizes for 2018.

Gulf Bank’s red account does not require a minimum deposit. Eligible customers have chance to enter the draw automatically and on a monthly basis, upon transferring their student allowances, in addition to number of other benefits and advantages.

For further information about the Al Danah and red accounts, visit one of Gulf Bank’s 57 branches, or call Gulf Bank’s Customer Contact Center on 1805805.  General information about Gulf Bank’s products and services can also be found at the Bank’s website at

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