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ONCP requests support and free flight tickets for Indian expatriates
February 20, 2018, 1:43 pm

Overseas Nationalist Cultural People (ONCP Kuwait) has submitted a request to Indian government officials by sending a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (MEA India). The contents of the letter request for free air tickets to be made available to all Indian expatriates returning to India from Kuwait under Amnesty provided by MoI, travel arrangements and assistance to be given for the Indian expatriates from the Indian airports to their locations of residence and financial assistance to be provided to them for a specified time period while they search for a new job in India, after they have returned to their homeland without any savings or money.

Also, ONCP Kuwait National President and Loka Kerala Sabha Member Babu Francis, Secretory Geo Tomy distributed the second batch of free air tickets to different Indian nationals, those holding out passes, which includes patients suffering from injuries from different states in the country.

This was done as part of the ONCP welfare program conducted during the ongoing Amnesty period in Kuwait with assistance from the Indian  Embassy. Free tickets for these Amnesty passengers are recommended by PP Narayanan, 1st secretory-Indian Embassy and social workers, Salim Kommery, James Puyyapilly, Mubarak Kambrath and Shiny Fank respectively.

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