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Number of Indians in Kuwait increased by 9.2 percent in one year
June 22, 2017, 3:19 pm

India’s labour force in Kuwait has increased by more than 46,000 in one year, recent figures indicate. According to Kuwait Central Statistical Bureau, 544,945 Indians were employed in Kuwait in March 2017, up from 498,906 in March last year, an increase of 9.2 percent.

Egypt had the second-highest number of foreign employees with 449,590, a one percent increase over March last year. The quarterly figures showed that the total manpower in Kuwait, excluding domestic helpers, was 1,955,479 in March, an increase of 53,078 (2.8 percent) over the same month last year.


The number of Non-Kuwaitis increased from 1,553,357 last year to 1,601,875 in March, a 3.1 percent increase. Non-Arab Asians constituted more than half of the labour community whereas Arabs represented 30 percent. The number of Kuwaitis went up from 349,044 in 2016 to 353,604 in 2017, marking a 1.3 percent increase. According to the figures, Kuwaitis represented 18.1 percent of the total labour force in the country.


The number of women shot up by two percent, whereas the rate of men advanced by only 0.4 percent over March 2016. The number of Kuwaitis holding university degrees increased from 32.9 percent to 36.3 percent over the year. The overwhelming majority of Kuwaitis (80.1 percent) worked in the public sector which offers much more attractive perks and benefits, including more days off and less pressure. Domestic helpers and their families numbered 2,628,113 this year, up by 63,598 over last year.

Source: Gulf News

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