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North Korea's Air Koryo ranked world's worst airline
June 11, 2016, 2:18 pm

 If the prospect of arbitrary arrest isn't enough to deter Americans from visiting North Korea, perhaps the high odds of an unpleasant flight experience could make travelers think twice about a vacation to Pyongyang.

North Korea's Air Koryo, the only carrier providing commercial service between North Korea and the outside world, was ranked the world's worst airline for the fifth year in a row.

The annual list compiled by British aviation consultancy Skytrax ranks hundreds of airlines based on factors such as aircraft efficiency, customer service and in-flight meal quality.

Skytrax gave Air Koryo a one-star, the lowest rating out of a possible five stars, Radio Free Asia reported Tuesday.

Air Koryo began to be ranked in 2012.

Other factors that were taken into consideration in 2016 include aircraft safety, airport facilities, customer service and the service-mindedness of flight attendants, Yonhap reported.

Service, however, seems to be the last thing on the mind of Air Koryo employees.

A Chinese tourist who had taken the North Korean carrier told RFA that the flight attendants paid scant attention to passengers.

"Routine procedures that take place on other airliners, including checking on passengers' seat belts and mobile phones, were not being implemented" on the Air Koryo flight, according to the tourist.

In 2015, reviewers on Skytrax said Air Koryo flight attendants behaved unprofessionally and appeared more interested in applying their makeup than serving passengers.

Entertainment in the cabin was also limited to propaganda films that praised the lives and achievements of North Korean leaders, according to previous reports.

Air Koryo has four active aircraft in its fleet, according to Flight Radar 24.


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