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NoKe Bluetooth Padlock
August 31, 2014, 2:21 pm

A Bluetooth padlock is the latest gadget to garner support from Kickstarter funding. Once you've paired your Noke (pronounced "no key") padlock with your smartphone or shared access to the lock with a friend, simply clicking the lock opens it as long as there is a paired smartphone within 3 meters.

The creators have even accounted for those who let their phone batteries run out without any charger in sight; or worse, one locked inside a Noke-secured locker. You can set up a code to unlock the Noke manually, which works by clicking the padlock in a certain rhythm.

It's a nifty idea, and if it works as well as the Kickstarter video promises, it should see huge success. The aspect of sharing access to the lock is a smart move, as allowing friends and family temporary access to lockers or locations could make sharing items vastly easier. And you could set up some elaborate scavenger hunts, if you were so inclined.

Solving long-standing everyday issues like losing a key or forgetting a combination through simplicity and technology gets a thumbs-up any time.

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