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No unqualified teachers will practice in Kuwait in few years - official
March 7, 2016, 2:38 pm

The State of Kuwait will allow only qualified teachers to practice the vital profession, after completion of a special plan in this respect forecast to be put together by 2019-2020, said the head of the National Center for Education Development (NCED).

Dr. Sbaih Al-Mekhaizeem, the NCED Director, said in an exclusive interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that the center is involved in a project for issuance of "the teacher license," noting that it is one of the axes of the State Development Strategy, effective as of April 2016.

Once the project has been finalized by 2019-2020, "only teachers of distinguished performance" will be allowed to teach, explained Dr. Al-Mekhaizeem in the interview with Kuwait News Agency.

The NCED had been established through the Amiri Decree 308/2006 for developing education in Kuwait, based on scientific methodology.

Dr. Al-Mekhaizeem expressed hope that the project, to be executed in phases, would be finalized according to the set schedule for sake of achieving quality teaching, noting that the approach would be applicable on nationals, expatriates, newly-graduated or veteran teachers and professors in both the private and public sectors.

Elaborating, the educational strategist said the center is currently executing a number of projects, including the main program, tackled in coordination with the World Bank, also aimed at overhauling the teaching sector, valid till 2019, in addition to several others, currently on hold, pending budgets' allocation, as of the 2016-2017 fiscal year. They are also included in the state development strategy.

Shedding light on these plans, he mentioned "the schools' distinctiveness project," designed to work out a mechanism to examine the schools' status, also noting that the center is seeking to regulate private schools' fees "to set them according to scientific and specific criteria." He noted in this respect that the center is examining "quality of structures and buildings, teachers and curricula." The fees will be set according to the NCED examination and judgement.

The NCED also handles the issue of exams, with aim of choosing the best students to be enrolled in the higher educational institutions and for matching the skills with the employment market. Part of the center's agreement with the WB addresses overhauling the curriculums, he said, noting that the current ones focus on memorizing, instead of acquiring skills.

Another axis the center is embarked on is lifting level of teachers' skills, Dr. Al-Mekhaizeem said, explaining the teachers would be subjected to certain quizzes before being granted "the teacher license." 

Source: KUNA

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