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No subsidy cuts for citizens serving in private sector in Kuwait - official
September 10, 2018, 5:59 pm

There are neither studies nor intentions to reduce subsidies for citizens serving in the private sector, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Sebeeh said on Monday.

However, the minister has confirmed that regulations will be imposed to organize work and protect the national laborers' interest through compelling employers to register the personnel in the Public Institution for Social Security (PISS). 

Turning to the issue of charities, the minister disclosed that number of philanthropic associations has exceeded 150 in the country. These societies regularly hold hundreds of charitable activities for people in need worldwide. Kuwait's philanthropy noticeably improved in past years due to the ministry regulations, supervision and follow up on donations and their disbursement, minister Al-Sebeeh confirmed in a statement during the inauguration of a seminar promoting Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Prize for the Service of Charity Works.

This sector, as a result of coordination between the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and other departments, has become wider and much more organized, free of "any suspicions concerning charitable activities and donated funds," she added.

Parliamentary committee of health affairs has received a draft of the new regulatory law for charities. Continuous meetings have been held grouping the ministry, charities and the parliamentary commission to discuss amendments, she said, indicating that the bill would be endorsed by the National Assembly (the Parliament) during the coming legislative term.

Meanwhile, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd International Foundation (PMIF) Secretary General Dr. Issa Al-Ansari noted that the foundation had proclaimed the award for sake of promoting charitable work in Saudi Arabia and Arab countries. For his part, Dr. Nasser Al-Hatlan Al-Qahtani, General Director of the Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO), said the foundation seeks to boost charities for sake of attaining sustainable development in the Arab countries.

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