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No specific timeframe for Kuwaiti gov't formation - Parliament chief
November 29, 2017, 7:20 am

National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said on Tuesday the constitution sets a two-week deadline for government formations at the start of a legislative term, otherwise, there is no specific time limit throughout the rest of the term.

At a press conference at the National Assembly building, Al-Ghanim said the current period that has passed since the government resigned at the end of October remains shorter than others prior. There are precedents in which a formation has taken longer than the current period, he said.

However, the chief lawmaker underlined that the matter should not be carried out without a timeframe having been set, as there are political considerations that should be taken into account.

Whether the parliament could hold sessions in the time being, he stressed that "it is clear and evident that National Assembly sessions cannot be held without the attendance of the Cabinet."

Al-Ghanim went on to urge that the endeavor be completed in the quickest time possible with the most suitable candidates selected, adding that calling for haste on the matter was a constitutional right granted to every lawmaker in the nation.

Seperately, regarding the recent legal action taken against a number of lawmakers in the current parliament, he said the National Assembly would not make any decisions on the matter until a Court of Cassation verdict is issued.

Furthermore, he underlined the importance of dealing with regional and foreign challenges that are a cause for concern amongst the Kuwaiti public, and for politicians to represent the country in the best manner possible amid the current circumstances.

Source: KUNA

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