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No anesthesia without explaining its complications: Health Ministry
September 18, 2018, 9:00 am

Kuwait’s Health Minister Dr Basel Al-Sabah issued on Monday a decision to prohibit any surgical interference without the explanation of complications that may occur when anesthesia is used.

The decision also warrants a written notification by the patient or his guardian before conducting any surgery in both, private and public sectors. A delegation from Kuwait’s State Audit Bureau has held talks with Finland’s National Audit Office on ways to implement big data and IT audit on SAB’s monitored bodies, the bureau said Monday.

SAB’s delegation, currently on a three-day visit to the country, paid a visit to NAOF earlier as part of activating the two sides’ cooperation agreement aimed at boosting exchange of their experience and expertise, SAB said in a press statement.

During talks, the Kuwaiti delegation highlighted SAB’s concept on big data and ways to audit it, in addition to the bureau’s role and initiatives regarding big data at various international organizations, and the challenges facing it, Rawan Al-Shahab, a delegation member said.

For his part, NAOF’s Assistant Auditor General Marko Mannikko highlighted the Finnish audit body’s various services, specialties, actions, and activities, in addition to its role in enhancing potentials in data analysis, Al-Shahab explained.

SAB and NAOF inked a joint cooperation agreement in 2017 to promote knowledge and share experience, in addition to encouraging cooperation in the audit field, improving professional skills, and coordinating their efforts at regional and international events.

Source: KUNA

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