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Nino – International flavors inspired by the best of Italy
December 13, 2015, 10:08 am

One might celebrate Nino as the ultimate classic restaurant, yet its remarkable culinary evolution redefines classic in a whole new light. Going strong for more than ten years, Nino has built a reputation for presenting culinary specialties that reflect the constantly evolving tastes of the local foodie scene.

Whether you choose to get to your Nino fix while you are indulging in a shopping spree at The Avenues, or enjoy the seaside view at their waterfront location in Bneid Al Gar or the stunning location at Arabella, the quality of food never varies.

Starting with soups, try their potato and truffle soup, which includes leek cheese dumplings, potato soup and truffle salsa. Accompany it with a crispy chicken salad that is mixed lettuce salad with crispy fried chicken tossed with a honey balsamic dressing and parmesan ranch dressing.

For appetizers and small plates, which can be easily ordered as a meal in its entirety when sharing with friends,  include a scrumptious Pollo Frito Americano; crunchy on the outside, while succulently soft and tender on the inside, chicken tenser morsels fried American style in a flour batter and served with a Jalapeno cheddar aioli dipping sauce, accompanied by a plating of potato croquettes; elegant, rich and creamy, the truffle based, cheese-filled potatoes are served with a drizzled spoonful of wild mushroom adorned in cream.

If you find yourself wanting in the heat department, then try the buffalo chicken wrappers or GamberoniJapanese. Whether it is the crispiness of the filo wrappers enrobing the buffalo flavored chicken and fontina cheese, or the panko-crumbed prawns drizzled with soy sauce and a zesty wasabi aioli sauce, the heat factor will rise, generating a need to crunch on something cool and light.

For the main course, you could try their risotto Mexicali Gamberoni with king prawns prepared in chipotle sauce and served over saffron and butter-infused Arborio rice, as the spiciness of the prawns perfectly complements the saffron flavored risotto.

For a hearty dish try their Veal Al Tartufo, a pan-fried in butter, herbs, wild mushrooms, and black truffles over a truffle and potato puree, the veal is extremely tender and blends perfectly with the earthly texture of the mushroom and black truffle sauce.

For dessert, a classic is always the best choice. Go ahead and try their warm chocolate mousse - a flourless chocolate cake, salted toffee crackle, vanilla bean gelato, milk chocolate ganache and hot fudge.

Nino is located in Bneid Al Gar (922541900), The Avenues (22597379) and Arabella (22255288).


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