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March 18, 2018, 12:39 pm

Nino: This well renowned authentic International diner has been serving its guests with scrumptious, finger-licking food for more than ten years. Nino pampers its diners with their soups, exquisite salads, scrumptious appetizers, all the way to their indulging main courses and finally to their irresistible desserts, served by the most hospitable and welcoming people in a hip, fun atmosphere.

Popular dish: Al Coccio Pasta
Location: The Avenues (22597378/9), Bneid Al-Gar on Gulf Road (22541900/2900), Arabella (22255288), Divonne in Abu Al Hasaniya (22271360), The Cube in Salmiya (22056611), The Light Mall Al-Mahboula.

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