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New travel trends for 2015
June 8, 2015, 12:49 pm

Things are changing in the travel industry, and if you look at how people are thinking about travel, where they intend to go, and how they are collecting information, you will see some interesting trends. There are many growing trends that are coming on especially strong for 2015 and will have an impact on the way tourists enjoy their holidays.

Free Wifi: Many hotels have begun offering free wifi for guests in some way, shape or form in 2015.

Harder upgrades: With airlines moving to a revenue-based loyalty system, it will be harder to earn status in those programs in 2015.  ‘Mileage Runs’ are no longer a possibility in those programs, as you must spend a certain amount with them to reap benefits. As a business traveler whose company pays for their traveler, this won’t affect you as much as the leisure traveler (or simple travel hacker trying to travel the world for free.

A stronger dollar: The United States is experiencing a strengthening of its dollar as other central banks around the world devalue their currencies to stay competitive in our global marketplace. This means different things for different industries, but for international travellers it could just mean things could get a little more expensive.

New destinations: Traveling to familiar, popular cities is safe but finding an untouched destination that can be kept a secret is becoming more and more difficult, as international travel becomes easier and more popular. More local, shared experiences: The advancement in the “shareable” economy that is expanding nowadays such as localized meals, more home-stay opportunities, and better access to authentic experiences are all a result of better technology and it finding the entrepreneurial hands of those abroad.If travel industry experts are correct, this year will see people snapping holiday ‘braggies’, eating dinner at a local’s house, being served by a ‘Botler’ and, more than likely, heading to Asia. Singapore, Thailand and Japan are among top destination picks for this year.

Asia’s hot right now: One of the hottest regions is Asia and there are a couple of different drivers,” says Elizabeth Crabill, president of global travel provider TravelBound, which serves 40,000 travel agents worldwide.

Do-it-yourself holidays and the sharing economy

In 2015, more of travellers will likely book their own holidays, use online forums to research destinations and rent from locals when they get there. “We are seeing more and more people move away from the model of getting a package holiday,” says James Kay, spokesperson for online booking and review company, TripAdvisor. The company announced in August 2014 that 315 million people now use the site each month - an increase of 20 percent from 2013. Increasing numbers of people are using TripAdvisor’s forums to research destinations in advance, taking the opportunity to ask locals specific questions.

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