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New smart cards for students to determine their location: Official
June 5, 2016, 9:10 am

Starting from academic year 2016/17 every student will be provided a smart card that uses a special application to determine the location of students inside the classroom or bus or outside the school.

Director of Jahra Educational Zone Waleed Al-Gheith announced that attendance record can be followed up and parents may well deposit cash for their wards to use while in the school canteen, under the new computer-linked project.

In a statement, Al-Gheith explained that the school principal or assistant principal through the smart card will be able to follow up the movement of students, teachers and administrators in the school compound and buses.

He pointed out that the cards will be distributed as per academic level, starting with kindergarten and then primary and so forth. It will be in the form of wrist watch or magnetic card for children in primary and secondary schools, and apart from parents, it will be difficult for another person to remove the device.

Source: Arab Times

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