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New scandal surfaces in Health Ministry
November 8, 2017, 8:56 am

The series of corruption and suspicions continue in the Ministry of Health at various levels, reports Al-Rai daily. In what is seen as a new scandal, a report issued by the management for registration and control of medicines for distribution to hospitals and health centers, discovered that after about a month that the product that was distributed was not in accordance with specifications.

The ministry reportedly distributed the medicine to hospital and health centers without waiting for the results of samples which were sent for testing.

The tests results proved the product does not conform to the manufacturing specifications prompting officials in the medical warehouses to correct the error. As a result, requests were sent across to withdraw the medicine and stop subscribing it to patients after it had already been prescribed to a large number of patients who may be exposed to complications.

The test results of the batch No 11458600 of Magnesium Oxide 400mg tablet proved to be inconsistent with the specifications of the manufacturer.

Health sources revealed the ministry began prescribing this drug to patients from 18 September, 2017, while the report by the concerned body was issued on 22 October, which shows the Hamed Al-Issa Center was issued 1,140 packs of the product each containing 90 tablets, a total of 340 packs to Adan Hospital, 248 to Amiri, 81 to Hussein Makki Juma Center for treatment of cancer patients.


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