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New medicine highly effective against viral hepatitis - MoH
July 27, 2016, 3:53 pm

The Ministry of Health announced on Wednesday the use of a new immunity medicine for patients suffering from viral hepatitis with a 99 percent favorable response to treatment.

The new medicine is being administered to 300 Kuwaiti patients with hepatitis C, said Dr. Ahmad Al-Fadhli, a specialist in liver disease and Gastroenterology at the ministry, in a statement issued by the ministry today.

He urged Kuwaiti patients with hepatitis C to seek the advice of their health providers to determine if they could be suitable to be treated with the new medicine.

Kuwait is the first country regionally and the sixth internationally to use this new medicine for patients with viral hepatitis.

In a related notion, the ministry is making appropriate plans to launch an awareness health campaign tomorrow on the disease of viral hepatitis, in time for celebrating World Hepatitis Day (July 28).

The campaign will involve airing messages on the ministry's YouTube channel, social network sites, and through SMS. There will also be a panel discussion about viral hepatitis tomorrow at the Shaab Al-Bahri medical center focusing on wiping out this disease by 2030. 

Source: KUNA

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