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New healthcare fees to begin October 1st – Visitors to pay double
August 2, 2017, 8:17 am

Minister of Health Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi disclosed the implementation of new fees for healthcare will begin October 1. He added visitors to the country will pay double the fees, which most likely will exceed 100 percent for certain services. However, expatriate residents will pay less than the sum charged for health services in other countries across the world.

Dr. Al-Harbi noted the ministry did not approve of extra charges for health insurance for expatriates, which is between KD30 and KD50. He added the list of new fees for visitors and residents will be circulated to various hospitals and health centers within hours, although actual implementation will begin October.

He explained the technical committees that fixed the fees made important recommendations to exempt certain cases on humanitarian and social bases. The decision exempted children of expatriate residents below 12 years old living with cancer and expatriate wives of Kuwaitis.

The exemption also covers non-Kuwaiti mother of Kuwaitis, and male and female children of Kuwaitis married to none Kuwaitis. Others are inmates at the shelter, social welfare home and prisons, in addition to the citizens of GCC countries, Bedouns, members of official delegations, passengers on transit, scholarship students at the Ministry of Education, and the blind.

Ministry of Health employees, their wives and children are also exempted from fees covering X-ray and nuclear medicine at the public hospitals and health centers. He noted non-Kuwaiti handicaps will be treated equally as their Kuwaiti counterparts in terms of artificial limbs.

Talking about reshuffling, the minister declared large scale reshuffling of 80-90 percent will happen in many sectors. He stated judicial verdicts in favor of some regional health directors will be executed paving the way for minor reshuffling among the directors of central administrations.

He emphasized reshuffling will also affect several heads of primary health centers, heads of health centers, hospital directors and their deputies, supervisors and chief nurses.

Source: Arab Times

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