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New Apple TV to arrive this week
October 25, 2015, 12:29 pm

The new Apple TV will launch next week. Costing $149 for a 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB version, Apple is expected to start taking orders from Monday for shipping of the product by the end of the week.

The long-awaited overhaul to Apple's living room set-top box has a revised physical design, faster internals, updated remote, and key new features including a built-in App Store. Saying that the new device will herald the golden age of television, Apple CEO Tim Cooks said, “the future of television is apps.”

The new Apple TV is much more powerful than its predecessor, which is a crucial upgrade for the device’s gaming ambitions. It is powered by a 64-bit A8 processor and supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 and is just 10 millimeters taller than its predecessor. As for connections, the new Apple TV carries over the same, simplistic power / HDMI / Ethernet setup as the old model.

With the newly built-in app store, Apple and third-party developers will expand Apple TV's software ecosystem and widen its core functionality to put a much bigger emphasis on gaming. "When you consume this way, you realize just how much better it can be," Cook said.

This is the next step in Apple's attempt to own the living room, and arrives ahead of the company's own internet TV subscription service, expected to arrive sometime in the next year.

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