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Netherlands Healthy Food Week promotes healthier lifestyle
February 15, 2017, 4:28 pm

From 15 to 20 February, the Netherlands embassy in Kuwait will host the Dutch Healthy Food Week 2017. The aim is to promote Dutch high quality healthy products and to encourage a healthier lifestyle. For the Dutch Healthy Food Week, the Netherlands embassy cooperated with multiple partners, namely the Dasman Diabetes Institute, Sultan Center and Crowne Plaza hotel from Kuwaiti side, and Dutch companies Rijk Zwaan (seeds and vegetables), Van Drie Group (meat products) and the KLM.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and the State of Kuwait share a strong bond of economic collaboration of over 50 years. Especially with regarding to food, the Netherlands and Kuwait enjoy a fruitful and reliable partnership. In all leading Kuwaiti supermarkets you will find Dutch cheese, vegetables and meat. The Netherlands is the biggest exporter of food to Kuwait from the European Union. Dutch agricultural export worldwide totals yearly 85 billion euro and is second only to the United States of America.

These days we are facing an increasing problem with diabetes and other health related issues. Fast food and processed contains numerous additives, especially sugar and salt. The rich and pure products Holland is promoting will contribute to a better and healthier lifestyle, also in Kuwait. ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Lifestyle’ is the slogan for this week precisely to help increase awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The six-day Dutch Healthy Food Week will have a different event scheduled for each day. Some events target the general public, while other events focus on law makers and other people in the Kuwaiti food industry. During the week, multiple live cooking events are organized, along with a workshop, a seminar and a high-profile business dinner.

The live cooking events are planned for Wednesday and Friday at the Sultan Center Sharq. Here, famous Dutch chef Edgar Buhrs, who is one of the premier experts worldwide on veal, will show the general public different ways to cook healthy, while also showing different ways to make cooking even more exciting.

On Thursday at the Cooking Club of the Dasman Diabetes Institute, chef Edgar Buhrs will show different ways to prepare veal, meant only for chefs of Kuwaiti restaurants and hotels.

Sunday, a seminar ‘Healthy Food, Healthy Lifestyle’ is organized for Kuwaiti’s from ministries, institutes and other organizations.  Different expert speakers from Holland and Kuwait will talk about healthy food standards, consumption behavior, and other healthy lifestyle indicators. The Healthy Food week will end on Monday 20 February with a high-profile business dinner with captains of the Kuwaiti food industry at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Frans Potuyt.

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