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Netherlands Ambassador congratulates KUWAIT on occasion of the National Day & Liberation Day
February 22, 2018, 1:58 pm

On behalf of the people and government of the Netherlands, I would like to extend sincere congratulations on the occasions of Kuwait’s Independence and Liberation Days, and to offer the people of Kuwait best wishes for success, well-being and prosperity. Kuwait can be rightly proud of its achievements since independence. The country has always been an example of stability and economic growth in a tension-ridden region. I wish Kuwait to continue serving as an oasis of peace and welfare in the region.

It is great to see how much pleasure Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti are celebrating together not only the independence but also the liberation of the prosperous State of Kuwait. I had the honor to transmit to His Highness the Amir the heartfelt congratulations of the Netherlands King Willem Alexander on this special occasion. The joy of being free and independent is even more thrilling when one realizes that all over the world so many people are not living in a free land under peaceful circumstances. So countries as The Netherlands and Kuwait see it as an obligation to work relentlessly for a better world for everyone.

Together our two countries join hands this year in the UN-security council and we are supporting His Highness the Amir in all his efforts to mitigate humanitarian suffering and to ease tensions between countries and people. Wishing everyone joyful festivities!


Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

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