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Nepalese Ambassador commemorates country’s National Day
September 23, 2017, 12:00 pm

On the occasion of the National Day of Nepal, the Ambassador of Nepal to Kuwait H.E. Yagya Bahadur Hamal hosted a reception on 20 September at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Gracing the function as the Guest of Honor was the Assistant Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs Amal Al-Hamad. The large gathering in attendance included members of the diplomatic corps, Kuwaiti officials, businessman, members of the Nepali community and media personnel.

In his speech, Ambassador Hamal touched on the importance of Nepal’s National Day, pointing out that the day marks the adoption of the new constitution of Nepal passed by the Constituent Assembly for the first time in the history of Nepal on 20 September, 2015 and has since been celebrated as the country’s National Day.

The Ambassador emphasized that Nepal is a peaceful, independent country, with vast potential of hydropower, minerals and other resources that can be utilized for the benefit of the country.

In his statement, the Ambassador invited Kuwaiti citizens to visit Nepal to experience its beauty as well as to think about trade and investment in the country. Stressing that Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries; he delved into its tourist appeal from rich biodiversity to a fascinating culture. The ambassador also lauded the country’s globally famous products such as carpets, pashmina products and famous tea.

On the relations between Kuwait and Nepal, the Ambassador praised the close and friendly ties between the two countries, which he said is based on a strong foundation of friendship, mutual support and cooperation since the establishment of diplomatic relations. He expressed his appreciation to the Kuwaiti Government for their continued cooperation and support.

Exhibiting the cultural facets of the country, a Nepali dance troupe performed various traditional dances and played instruments in addition to the Nepalese cuisine on display at the Authentic Nepali “Khana Corner” that presented the diverse tastes of the country. 

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