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Naz Kuwait
September 8, 2016, 10:18 am

Offering a large menu supported by unmatched expertise in creating fabulous food, NAZ draws on inspiration from the flavors of Persia. It is an undisputed fact that the region has established itself over the years as the culinary mother of the Middle East. This knowledge and deep-rooted understanding of flavor has made the food at NAZ extremely aromatic and palatable for all. NAZ has also expanded their original menu and created new dishes to make experience perfect for all their patrons. In order to appreciate the full NAZ experience, start with their extensive selection of appetizing starters, soups and salads. The main course offers a delicious selection of stews, sandwiches, grilled meat, chicken and seafood all of which are accompanied by a side of breads and rice. The kebabs in NAZ are succulent and bursting with flavor with every bite! But do leave room for their sweet Persian offerings

Popular dish: Kebab-E Sultani: Minced lamb skewers spiced with saffron and onion.

Location: Sharq, Salmiya, Zahra, Bayan and Mahboula. 

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