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Navaratri Celebrations at Bhavan Kendra, Kuwait
October 20, 2013, 11:05 am

Indian Educational School, Kuwait, and its cultural wing Rythmscapes jointly celebrated Navaratri festivals with a variety of cultural programmes in the sanctimonious premises of IES Kuwait in the balmy evenings from 5th to14th October with boundless piety and heartfelt devotion.

The 9 day celebration assuaged stress and strain of the souls of many, and satiated the feelings and frequencies of relentless devotees. The divine festivity was inaugurated by the principal Mr. T Premkumar by lighting the ceremonious lamp in sync with Mrs. Rathi Raveendran (the principal, Jack and Jill), Mrs.Lalitha Premkumar (the vice principal, primary wing IES ) and Mrs. Sandhya Babu(the programme coordinator). All these nine sacred eventide, many Bhavanites, their parents, well-wishers, teachers, and the parents of the students of other Indian Schools in Kuwait graced the gracious occasions with their artistic fortes like classical and semi classical dances, bhajans, classical singing, and playing the musical instruments.

The tiny tots elated the audience with their exuberant rendering of enigmatic dances and soulful music. The ninth day celebration was marked by the outstanding performance of an idakka artist, one of the well-wishers of Bhavan family and its charismatic rhythm and pitch took the entire audienceto a higher level of blissand urged them to be one with the macrocosm. On 14th October, the day of climatic finale, many children had their Vidyarambam, the first holy and auspicious step into the world of letters. The Vijayadashami day witnessed the induction of many boys, girls and women into the spheres of the classical dance and music with the blessings of the preceptors of Rythmscapes.

The guild of management expressed their heart felt appreciation of the program that embraced the hearts of everyone with its harmonious blending of coordination and combination. Mr.Ramachandra Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East promised that the door of  Bhavan will be kept open without any reservation for promoting the Indian tradition and values in future too. The devotional feast began like a drizzling but gradually cascaded on the soil of desert with the tinkling of the anklets and the symphonic notes of music that filled the unspoken slab of many hearts with sublime thoughts and spirits


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