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National Day celebrations at TSK
March 12, 2017, 11:32 am

Staff and children from The Sunshine Kindergarten (TSK) in Salwa celebrated Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days, with everyone joining in the fun, regardless of their nationalities. The children of TSK have been learning all about Kuwait in the lead up to the event as Kuwait is special and the place called home.

TSK has introduced Parent Workshop style events this year which have been a huge hit with visitors. These events have encouraged parents to get involved in all activities and truly get to know what the British style Early Years curriculum is all about.

On the day, children and staff dressed in Kuwaiti National Dress or the colours of the Kuwaiti flag, and hundreds of parents came to celebrate the special day with their children. A parade was held in the British School of Kuwait (BSK) Wembley playground as the KG children prepare for the transition to reception next year. The children walked and danced their way around the arena waving Kuwait flags to the echoes of traditional Kuwaiti music and the sound of cheering and clapping from parents and VIP guests. The surprise character guests, Abu Jasoom and Mrs Jasoom also helped the gathering celebrate in style. Parents and children loved having their photographs taken with them.

After the parade, the children and their parents continued the celebrations at TSK with a host of activities. A fantastic relationship between TSK and the Kuwait National Heritage centre meant that parents and guests were also treated to an array of fabulous traditional Kuwait artefacts. The Atriums were decorated as Diwaniyas and adorned in Kuwaiti flags and colours. Parents were invited to enjoy coffee, eat dates with labenah, tahini and other Arab delicacies and many experienced Kuwait themed craft. There was even a Kuwait Photo booth so parents could choose to keep a fun memento of the day.

Miss Heather, the TSK Principal, and the whole TSK Teaching Team say Mabrouk Kuwait!


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