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September 15, 2015, 1:45 pm

The Indian-styled restaurant cum cafe Namaste serves a great variety of Indian cuisines – Indian street food fusion such as butter shrimp masala pizza, chickpeas masala pizza, butter chicken bites, chicken pops kathi roll, meat seikh nanwich, and snacks including pani puri and samosas, as well as kulfi and gulab jamun, to name a few.

Namaste's most selling dishes include appetizer Pani Puri Chicken 2 Go, Butter Chicken Pizza and main dish Biryani Bite Twins

Checkout their ongoing deals: Mix Nanwich Box – six pieces of ½ Chicken Malay Nanwich and six pieces of Meat Seikh Nanwich at a price of 10 pieces for KD12 | Biryani Bite Box – 12 pieces of Biryani Bite at a price of 10 pieces for KD11.250.

Mubarak Al Kabir St. | 22468995 | Closed on Sundays .From 1pm -9pm





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