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Nail trend
December 1, 2013, 1:04 pm

Adorning your nails with more than just one color has been steadily gaining popularity over the past few seasons. From glitter and embellishments to textured colors and funky shapes, there are many ways to take your manicure to the next level.

But what if all that work on nail work goes to waste because of a ruined manicure? Here, we tell you how to make sure your nail art stays for long.

Choose a comfortable nail length: Select a length for your nails that allows you to comfortably do any activity while avoiding breakage. A chipped nail can sometimes be a painful experience. If you play an instrument or your job involves a lot of typing on the keyboard, a shorter nail length is the way to go.

Prep your nails: Firstly, remove any nail polish remnants using a quality nail polish remover. Next, buff your nails to smoothen the surface. Cut your cuticles, if required, to make nails look cleaner. Lastly, file your nails to the shape and size of your preference.

Scrub and moisturize: After you are finished with all the buffing and filing, wash your hands with an exfoliating scrub to get rid of all the dust and dead skin. Apply a moisturizing lotion to replenish your hands and cuticles. The lotion around your nails will help avoid any extra nail paint form sticking to your skin.
Base and top coat: A good base coat and top coat are secrets to a well-kept manicure. They not only help your nail paint last longer but also create a barrier between your nail and the nail polish, helping to avoid any staining from occurring.

Choose a quality polish: You cannot possibly expect your nail polish to be long lasting if you opt for cheap nail paints. Do not randomly purchase nail paint from your nearest drug or general store. Go to a proper cosmetic store, know which one works best and last longer and then pick your color.

Dry in between coats: It can take some time, but drying of each layer of nail polish is vital. Also, make sure to let the nails dry after the top coat. This will give you a clean and smudge-free manicure.

Give your nails an icy dip: Dipping your nails in a bowl of cold water will help the nail polish harden and prevent any kind of smudging and damage from happening. This won’t benefit completely wet nails, so wait for your nails to semi-dry and then go for the dip.

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