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NUQAT announces launch of their 7th annual conference in Kuwait
November 1, 2016, 3:58 pm

As part of their commitment to enriching the Arab society through identifying, tackling, and resolving creative development issues in the region, the non-profit organization for Creative Education - NUQAT - announced the launch of their 7th annual conference in Kuwait – themed, ‘The Seventh Sense – Powering the Creative Economy’. 

‘The Seventh Sense’ invites theorists, academics, artists, writers, designers and innovative thinkers from all practices to discuss the ‘mechanism’ of producing new ideas in humans, and how this potential can be developed to fuel more innovation in the Arab industries, thus powering the creative economy.

Nuqat’s 8-day conference, from 10 to 17 November, will take place at the Amricani Cultural Centre and Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah Kuwaiti Diplomatic Institute (KDI), and with platinum sponsorships of the National Fund for SME Development, in addition to the cultural partnership of ’LOYAC’ ’LAPA’ and ‘Al Shaheed Park’.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Youth, Sheikha Al Zain Al-Sabah, will inaugurate the conference on 10 November.

Commending the cultural event, Sheikha Al Zain, said: “We are very pleased and honored to be part of NUQAT’s cultural conference this year, with its definitive objectives that are conformant with the Ministry’s ambitions to cater for youth’s needs and aspirations. Our vision has always been to power a creative youth and a progressive generation, dedicated to innovation, and is an active partner in sustainable development. We strive to achieve this by supporting such initiatives, and we are pleased to represent Kuwait in a conference of such grand caliber.”

Cultural activist, and Founder and Director of Nuqat, Wakim Zeidan, stated: “Every year, Nuqat hosts one of the largest cultural awareness events in the world, which adheres to highest standards of event management. We tend to focus on pressing cultural topics that were very methodically researched, and are relevant to the Arab audience. Accordingly, ‘The Seventh Sense’ this year will provide a unique platform for its attendees to exchange ideas, share skills and spark collaborations on how man’s inventive skillsets and intuitive capacity for creation can be an exceptionally valuable resource in sustaining national and global economies.”

A very select group of panelists and speakers have been invited from all across the globe to participate in Nuqat’s annual conference. Among these leaders will be, Co-Founder of Atari Interactive company, Nolan Bushnell; renowned Cultural Leader, Soud Al-Sannoussi; famous Kuwaiti novelist, Sultan Al-Qasimi, and Minister of State for Federal National Council of the UAE Her Excellency Madam Noora Al-Kaabi.

Other prominent figures in government, technology, architecture and various business fields will deliberate on powering the creative economy, as Nuqat aims to reach for the professionals of the overall economy that should function with innovation at the core, and not just the creative industries.

Elaborating further, Founder and Content Leader of Nuqat, Hussa Al-Humaidhi said: “In addition to the exciting creative talks, discussion panels, roundtables and the workshops, there will be a whole cultural program in place with the opening of  art exhibitions and events of entertainment: Music, theatre, poetry, film screening, book signings and cultural tours. We will also hold design competitions and mental games during the conference.” 

Nuqat Founder, and Creative Mastermind, Sarah Al-Nafisi, added: “The different discussions and educational lectures that will take place in this conference will be taken region wide in order to trigger the conversations across all Arabian cities on the creative economy. Nuqat intends to establish and partner with organizations across the Middle East that share and apply the same vision for creative education.”

That zealous team of Arab visionaries founded Nuqat back in 2009, with great passion and rising optimism to fuel the creative dialogue and open new frontiers for cultural innovation. Since its inception, Nuqat has held many events and edifying workshops related to art and culture, and had hosted annual themed conferences, with creative educational content that is carefully researched, arranged and well presented to the modern Arab world. Over 20 nationalities from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States attend NUQAT’s events, with speakers mostly of Arab origins, except for a few speakers who come from Spain, Bosnia, Greece, Italy, the UK and the US. This has contributed to rendering Nuqat a magnificent and unique experience, with visitors steadily increasing every year, crossing over 4,500 in last year’s conference.

Platinum sponsor Tamdeen Group’s strategy of transforming the modern retail, property and shopping center sectors in Kuwait whilst encouraging high impact entrepreneurs to contribute towards innovation in the respective sectors, is also a reflection of what NUQAT wants to achieve in the country.

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