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NSH takes part in coastal clean up drive
May 9, 2016, 3:41 pm
NSH employees participating in the coastal clean up drive in Fahaheel

Nasser S. Al Hajri Corporation (NSH Corporation) recently took part in a coast clean up drive in Fahaheel.  As a part of NSH’s Corporate Social Responsibility, the initiative, ‘zero harm to environment’ was implemented by the company’s Vice President Sabu .

Several NSH employees participated in the event, which was aimed at cleaning and preserving one of Kuwait’s best spots. The program was organized by the HR Department of NSH. The employee volunteers collected wastes mainly plastics which were sent to the waste dumps.

“The coastal areas are the lifeline, as the shore houses the beautiful beaches in Kuwait,” said Corporate HR Manager Pani J. Anthony. “The campaign was aimed to clean the seashore as plastic and other solid wastes were becoming lethal to the ecosystem. Besides, such wastes obstruct the growth of marine plants important to the coastal ecosystem,” he added.

Venu who took part in the drive said, “The initiative in cleaning the environment is a small step and it gives us satisfaction in extending our service to make the surroundings clean and also spread the message of cleanliness among the public.”

Harikumar said similar activities should be continued at regular intervals and the public should be made aware of. The initiative should come from the people to keep their environment clean by dumping wastes at appropriate places.

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