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NSH shows dedication and support in all endeavors
August 16, 2016, 2:36 pm

As the principle goes, “New powers are discovered every time you push yourself farther than you have ever gone before”, doubtlessly, the dedicated employees in NSH are capable of travelling to any extreme  and  push ourselves farther to the amount we can dream and achieve.

Team work coupled with “no compromise in safety and quality” is the platform that carries NSH, the single largest employer in the Middle East, accommodating closely 90,000 members, majority from India. It is realized, through on the job and off the job activities, that NSH is a home for this lot.

The level of our members’ happiness is the level of NSH’s move towards better performance. The proven proactive spirit, fuller involvement and facing challenges bring success. Our commitment brings brain, heart and ethics together in a good mix. The timely advice of the veterans with zest adds more feathers in our employees’ cap.

There are good signals of how our deeply etching MAA, MAB 1 & MAB 2 teams - energised on the functions and focused on the goals - offer more of their capability and potential, thus landing such recognition of timely completion of works.

More thoughts are given to the feeling of oneness, and our dedicated and prominent members are ready to give pleasant surprises to the clients and move for greater heights. Our strong team is second to none. By our commitment to endow the projects with innovative, in-depth; we are happy that the clients quote NSH as the best example, with the Best Contractor of Month Awards, and our footprints should mean it, whenever and wherever we land by.
NSH stands with the workers in their after the work activities, such as icebreaking evenings filled with fun and enthusiasm.  

Thanks to the moral support of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, NSH also maintains the value of being a good player for the community by conducting programs such as UNO’s International Day against Drug Abuse, World Heart Day, Master Brain Quiz, Beach Cleaning Activities, National Essay Contest for students, Parents of Pride, Employee engagement programs, Employees’ Talent Show and celebrating the cultural festival like ONAM.

The talents shown so far are only a tip of an iceberg, and there is a long way to go.

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