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NSH organizes motivational program
April 19, 2016, 11:02 am

Nasser S Al Hajri (NSH), an organization that conducts CSR and Employee Welfare programs, held a motivational session for managers and employees.  Dr. Sreekumar, founder of wellness solutions handled the session, where he discussed stress management and preventing health issues as well as how employees can be more driven and motivated in their work. He also elucidated his points with examples, highlighting how fasting helps to rejuvenate the human body.

Chief Guest VP Sabu said that the organization has attracted employee participation from across the globe. A series of CSR and Employee Welfare programs have been conducted by NSH including a sponsorship of UNO’s International Day against Drug Abuse. Also mentioned was how the long duration of employees’ service stands testimony to their ideals of working professionally to succeed and fulfill their ambitions.  

The participating long serving - managers praised the efforts of Nasser S Al Hajri in providing them encouragement, especially the timely presence of management through difficulties, and creating a positive working atmosphere.

The project managers PV Santhosh, Dileep Raroth, safety director Mike O Baili, finance manager Manoj, and HR Manager Pani J Anthony were among those present. The HR department made the arrangements.

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