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NSH organizes lunch with workers
April 12, 2017, 5:53 pm

For the seven thousand employees, it was a colourful and exciting festival, organized by NSH as part of the successful completion of the 20 Million LTI free man-hours. Each worker felt the lunch was a fantastic opportunity as they sat beside the members from the top management.

Feeling the plan was well received by the clients, KNPC – CFP – MAA and employees, MAA Project Manager PV Santhosh and his dynamic team said that the lunch brings a different kind of relationship and improves interaction that fosters a strong work relationship and makes for a joyful work environment.

Sharing lunch with workers would develop mutual trust and boost productivity, hailed clients including Sakaki Masato, Joe Coetzee, Morales Marcos, Lee Won Yong, Kim Kwang In, Suzuki Kenji, Takedomi Kazuki, Tony Lane and H.Y. Park, Sau Kim.

The hot food served from Bin Mari for NSH employees was enjoyed by the invitees and highlighted the NSH’s efforts for the welfare of the employees.

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