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NSH — a paragon of team work
January 23, 2017, 5:38 pm

Knowledge, development and sharing are integral to NSH, and support for these values is fundamental to the sustainable development of our business. NSH strongly believes that an educated society translates into an innovative skilled workforce and our goal is to build a knowledge based society within NSH Campuses and to add value to social development.

This value centric CSR initiative is one of the long term strategies of NSH and targets the overall development of members so as to make a difference in their learning experience. NSH believes that partnering in implementing this wonderful initiative is an inspiring force that has been acknowledged among others by the CEO of KNPC who awarded the company with the Best Employee Welfare Award – 2016.

The level of employees’ happiness is the level of NSH’s move towards better performance. From the employees’ point of view, it is a land of welfare measures. Employee engagement leads to a dedicated workplace approach resulting in the right condition for all the members of the organization to give their best each day. NSH is not an exemption. Proactive spirit, coupled with fuller involvement and facing challenges bring the success. The committed workforce makes several celebrations of successful completion of works that become the good sign of how this deeply etching team offers more of their capability and potential thus landing memorable recognitions.

Team work coupled with “no compromise in safety and quality” is the platform that carries NSH forward, and is realized through on-the-job and off-the-job activities. The proven proactive spirit, full involvement and overcoming challenges through innovative solutions bring success. The timely advice of the veterans with zest adds more feathers in our employees’ cap. It is no surprise therefore that NSH remains the single largest employer in the Middle East, accommodating close to 90,000 members, the majority of them being from India.

The work force also enjoys after-work activities, such as icebreaking evenings filled with fun and enthusiasm.  Thanks to the moral support of the Indian Embassy in Kuwait, NSH also maintains the value of being a socially responsible corporation by conducting programs such as UNO’s International Day against Drug Abuse, World Heart Day, Master Brain Quiz, Beach Cleaning Activities, National Essay Contest for students, Parents of Pride, Employee engagement programs, Employees’ Talent Show, celebrating the cultural events and several others.

The talents shown so far are only a tip of an iceberg, and there is a long way to go, says NSH Vice President Sabu.


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