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NSH Global Village Harmony launches Future Pillars
November 5, 2016, 5:24 pm

NSH Global Village Harmony has announced the formation of Future Pillars, a social responsibility initiative. NSH continues to support Kuwait ambitions with awareness events such as anti-alcohol programs in connection with the United Nations International Day against Drug Abuse, UNESCO’s International Literacy Day, World Heart Day, Master Brain, Partners of Environmental protection, Knowledge Development and Sharing, etc. This recent initiative, Future Pillars will enlighten the children and will be an inspiring force to horn their skills.

"With the formation of NSH’s Future Pillars program, our company is happy to contribute for the development of the children," said Vice President Sabu, and added that it would be instrumental in bringing out their talents. Their performance where they demonstrated their talents in singing, mono acting, drama, speech, drawing and story telling was very thrilling.  Earlier, HR Manager Pani J. Anthony handled the session on developing self confidence.

This is an ongoing event to hone the skills of the kids by NSH Global Village Harmony, an association registered in the Indian Embassy in Kuwait.

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