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NSH Global Village Harmony honors proud parents
June 30, 2016, 2:20 pm

The President of NSH Global Village Harmony and NSH Vice President Sabu made the announcement  to honor the employees, irrespective of grade, whose children scored an A+ Grade in the recently held SSLC Examinations.

The deserving parents Dileep Kumar Raroth, Henry Rajan, Ramesh Babu, Anil Kumar and Santhosh Kumar were honored by the Vice President amidst thunderous applause for the dedicated efforts of their children Diya Dileep, Bersha Jemi, Aiswarya R, Pooja Anil and Kiran Santhu respectively.

The parents played a major role in the academic life of the children, starting from the admissions till the sleepless nights during the examinations. Enjoying the honor as Parents of Pride, it was a pleasant opportunity and a righteous desire, Mr. Sabu highlighted in a speech. He also appreciated the children who realized the sacrifice of their parents to help them be successful.

"I feel so honoured and thankful, being the recipient of the first 'NSH Parents of Pride Medal' is a great validation for me and family," said driver Anil Kumar.

"I am pleased to have received this prestigious honour from NSH. So confident that my son Kiran Santhu will get a significant place in this creative society," said electrician Santhosh Kumar .

"We are incredibly excited to have this honour," said Henry and Ramesh. "It is one of the very joyous moments in my 20 years of service," Henry added.

"It is an important impetus. It boosts my confidence and inspiration," said Diya Dileep with extreme happiness.

Corporate HR Manager Pani J Anthony were among those present. 

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