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NSH Global Village Harmony conducts national essay contest
June 15, 2016, 9:47 am

By explaining new dimensions and the cause and effect in a more comprehensive way, Alisha Sarah Jose, a grade XI student of Indian Learners Own Academy won the national level essay contest conducted by the NSH Global Village Harmony (NSH GVH), a non - profit organization dedicated to make a difference in the community life including focusing on the youngsters to sharpen their skills. NSH GVH is registered with the Indian Embassy, Kuwait.

Alisha is followed by Aditya Ashok (FAIPS – DPS) and Zohra Khatoon (Salmiya Indian Model School) for the first and second runner up respectively. Candidates structured their essays on ‘Role of youth in the campaign against drug abuse’ and ‘Say No to drugs, if not YES to death’.

With a view to inculcate the awareness among the student community, the decision to conduct this contest was taken in the board meeting chaired by Sabu, President of NSH Global Village Harmony (NSH GVH)

It was a delight to announce this essay contest, as it provides an important opportunity to encourage youth to engage with issues of importance. It is essential for us to understand the perspective of youth on key challenges. The contest, open to students in all fields of study, is an opportunity to articulate their vision for this globally accepted value; the challenges that must be overcome in order to realize that vision and the methods necessary to achieve, said Sabu.

The contest focused on the challenges that the youth consider pressing for future generations and seeks their views on possible solutions.

Last year, the contests were held to create awareness for the work force that resulted in several workers pledged as ambassadors of non-alcoholism.

All winners will be notified individually and be honored during a special function in connection with United Nations International Day against drug abuse.

“Youngsters seek solace in drugs when they don’t get proper love and guidance from the parents. So we must take care of our youngsters by nurturing good habits in them and by providing proper love and guidance” – Alisha

The contest was co-ordinated by Pani J Anthony, General Secretary of NSH Global Village Harmony.

The evaluation committee, headed by Dilip Raroth, that selected the finalists based on the concept, flow and new ideas include  Subhajith Sarkar, Sanjeev Narayanan, Chacko Joseph and Anoob Viswambharan, winner of the Master Brain Trophy - 2015.

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