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Mystery on absconding 2 Kuwaiti women solved
October 28, 2017, 8:40 am

Fingerprint identification conducted on two Kuwaiti women by security operatives helped in solving mystery surrounding two absconding cases dating back to 2012 and early 2016 respectively, reports Al Rai daily.

Apparently, the two young women ran away from their family homes and went into hiding at private apartments belonging to their friends, and spent most of their time in café joints. A security source said the two young women aroused suspicion of a special taskforce team affiliated to the Public Security Sector when they took to their heels upon sighting them in Fahaheel area.

The officers managed to chase and arrest them. They were referred to the area police station when they could not provide any form of identification. The officers later discovered that one of them was reported absconding since five years and orders had been issued to arrest her, while the other girl absconded from her parents early last year. Arrest warrant had been issued against her as well at Fintas police station.

The duo confessed lodging with their friends in apartments and spending most of their time in cafés and commercial complexes. They were referred to Fintas police station and measures were taken to hand them over to their families. Friends who provided them shelter have since been summoned for questioning.

Source: Arab Times

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