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Municipality refuses visa transfer of expat workers
August 19, 2017, 8:19 am

Kuwait Municipality has refused to grant expatriate employees under the support services item permit to transfer to another sponsor when their contracts end.

Sources disclosed the contracts of these employees do not include stipulation on indemnity, so granting them permit for residency transfer is connected to submission of clearances from a number of institutions.

Sources affirmed the law is applied on all employees under the above mentioned item including those occupying senior positions. Sources added the procedures for financial settlement with banks are not applicable to these employees as they do not receive money deposited into their bank accounts once their contracts end.

Sources said some expatriate employees work in public institutions in the morning and then the private sector in the afternoon. Sources revealed the Municipality usually asks the banks about loans of employees as a precautionary measure to avoid any responsibility as the sponsor of these employees.

Sources explained the Municipality might be required to pay the loans of employees in case it grants them a permit to transfer to other sponsors before they submit the required clearances.

Source: Arab Times

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