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Multilingual composer allows Facebook posts in several languages
July 13, 2016, 10:49 am

You will soon be able to post on Facebook in multiple languages using the site’s new automatic translation feature called ‘multilingual composer’. The feature allows you to write a post in one language and then choose additional languages in which you would like it to be published.

The new composer, which will work for all permutations of the 45 languages Facebook currently translates, is began to roll out last week. All you need to go to language preferences in your account settings and click "post in multiple languages."

The company says it considers your language preference, where you are posting from, and which language you usually post in, to determine which version of a multilingual post to show you.

Facebook began testing the feature earlier this year with owners of business pages. About 5,000 pages have tried the composer, and their posts receive 70 million views daily. Of those, 25 million posts are viewed in a secondary language, Facebook says. But even more people see automatic translations of posts in their feed — 300 million people every day.

Data gathered from the multilingual composer will train Facebook's natural-language processing models, the company said. "This will not only help people communicate better across diverse groups that speak many languages, but will help train and improve our machine translation models as we gather new data in less common languages — moving us closer to the vision of removing language barriers across Facebook," the company said.

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