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Mughal Mahal: The recipe for Success
December 3, 2013, 10:33 am

Celebrating decades of culinary excellence

Responding to customer needs has always been a top priority with us. Our policies and procedures, decisions and beliefs are all aligned and centered on customer needs. A small restaurant in Sharq, an idea to introduce authentic Mughali cuisine to Kuwait, three young connoisseurs of food, Ashok Kalra, Mukesh Kumar and Jatinder Suri, who at the beginning had no inkling of its outcome… The rest as they say is history.

Capturing the taste and imagination of Kuwaitis and expatriates Mughal Mahal has redefined food diplomacy with their warmth and hospitality and in the process created a cult of Indian food lovers in the country.

Since 1985, when Mughal Mahal opened their first outlet in Sharq, the iconic Indian Mughlai restaurant chain, has gone from one success to another.

As Mughal Mahal prepares to celebrate its 28 prestigious years of service in Kuwait, we look back at the brand, its origins its measured growth and success over the years.

Today, Mughal Mahal is more than a renowned brand name, an identifying logo or a catchy slogan; its name encompasses the positive images the brand has generated for more than a quarter century in serving the people of Kuwait. By consistently delivering exceptional products, exemplary service and other quality attributes, the brand has created an affirmative image that resonate with customers on an emotional level.

This upbeat image is also an underlying promise by the brand to do everything in their power to preserve and perpetuate this favorable image in the years to come. In an acknowledgment of the brand’s consummate image and in recognition of the continued goodwill and loyalty the brand enjoys with its customers, Mughal Mahal was awarded the status of a ‘Superbrand’ in Kuwait.

For over a quarter-century, Mughal Mahal has retained its distinct identity as a brand that consistently delivers exquisite food, elegant ambiance and impeccable service. The restaurant, which started out with the aim of filling a void in authentic Mughlai cuisine in Kuwait from an unpretentious outlet in Sharq, has over the years broadened its culinary boundaries and widened its reach.

From a single restaurant in Sharq to nine more outlets in Kuwait and one in Egypt, and from offering simple authentic Mughlai menu to tempting palates with scrumptious Indian, Chinese and International dishes, the expansion and evolution of Mughal Mahal has been nothing short of remarkable.

One of the few long-lived and amazingly successful stories on Kuwait’s restaurant scene, the Mughal Mahal Group was the inspiration of three dynamic entrepreneurs — Ashok Kalra, Jatinder Suri and Mukesh Kumar. The trio came together to pool their experience and realize their vision for an ethnic Indian Mughlai restaurant by opening their first eatery in downtown Sharq. At the core of their success is the dedication and loyalty of staff who are committed to ensuring total customer satisfaction.

“More than year-end profitability, it the ability of our staff to satisfy customers on a day to day basis that underpin our success through the years,” said Mr. Kalra, Managing Director of Mughal Mahal Group.

Reopening after the Liberation of Kuwait in 1991, the brand played a considerable role in bringing about a paradigm shift in market perceptions about eating-out, along with an appreciation for exotic cuisines among the local populace. In 1992, after seven years of meticulous planning and organizing, the second outlet was opened in Fahaheel.

“It is quite gratifying to note that the ripples we created when we cast the first pebble in the form of an authentic Indian Mughlai restaurant in Sharq, continues to reverberate on Kuwait’s dining scene to this day,’ added Mr. Kalra.

Another seven years passed before two more branches were added in Fintas and Farwaniya in 1999. Gestation periods became
shorter, and in 2001, continuing their saga of success the fourth branch opened above the Marks & Spencer building in Salmiya, and a fifth, offering exquisite multi-cuisine opened in 2004, at the Tahreer Complex in Salmiya. A smaller third outlet was opened in Salmiya at the prestigious Marina Mall to cater to the younger crowds.

Three years later, in 2007, the largest Mughal Mahal branch to date, with seating for over 200 people, opened at the Zahem Complex in Hawally. To cater to the increasing demand from the area, and to effectively cover the entire country with its network, a ninth outlet of the brand was opened in Jahra. The next two outlets followed in rapid succession in May and June of 2010, with the tenth branch opening in the resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt and the eleventh outlet opening as a lavish banqueting facility in Fahaheel.

“A customer’s order is an expression of their preference, we make sure that our evocative menu helps them define and express their
culinary needs perfectly. Over the years, as customer expectations became more nuanced, we have responded by creating meaningful niche dining experiences for them.

For instance, when customers requested banqueting facilities and an event management venue, we introduced Rayan Banquet Hall in Fahaheel,” said the Group’s partner and director Mr. Kumar. Offering the comfort of homecooked food with the elegance of haute cuisine in a lavish setting, Mughal Mahal opened Al Rayan Hall, its first exclusive full-service banqueting facility.

Al Rayan with its tasteful décor and elegant ambiance houses state-of-the-art electronics; including build-in DJ sound and lighting system, a wireless microphone system, a LCD projector system with surround sound and access to wireless internet hotspot.

The, sumptuous food and excellent service combine to create a treasured experience for celebrating special events. Providing the features and services of five-star hotel but at a much more competitive rate, Al Rayan is a place where every personal occasion
becomes an extraordinary one and every corporate event becomes an eventful one.

“Responding to customer needs has always been a top priority with us. Our policies and procedures, decisions and beliefs are all aligned and centered on customer needs. At Mughal Mahal nurturing customer relations and building loyalties is an ongoing process.

And, every member of the Mughal Mahal team, from the people who cook to the ones who clean, from the people who serve to
the ones who manage, is dedicated to this credo.

The brand’s mission is to create a culinary experience for its customers through distinct restaurants with exciting ambiance, great food, and impeccable service, and, in the process, turn a profit,” said Mughal Mahal’s partner and director Mr. Suri. He added, “Our vision for 2013 and beyond envisions adding a coffee-shop, a dedicated bakery and confectionary to our bouquet of offerings.”

“We believe that when customers eat at a restaurant, they are paying not only for the food, but also for the overall dining experience. Mughal Mahal restaurants are designed from the ground-up with a primary focus on this concept. While we ensure that the food served is of finest quality, we also create a memorable dining experience through excellent ambiance and exceptional service that goes above and beyond customer expectations,” concluded Mr. Kalra.

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