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Mrinal Casewa Ghazal Collective successful at musical evening
November 16, 2017, 4:36 pm

Upcoming musical sensation, the Mrinal Casewa Ghazal Collective, entertained a large audience at a concert titled, ‘Hum Qalaam’ (Having a Conversation) organized by Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah at Yarmouk Cultural Centre on 15 November. The band was founded by Mrinal, a vocalist and guitarist, who is fluent in Hindustani Classical music and other styles of music. He is accompanied by his band mates, two who play traditional musical instruments - the sitar and tabla. The music for the evening was Mrinal’s original compositions that are a contemporary take on Ghazals, with a strong influence of rock and blues. Their songs were a beautiful fusion of new age sound and traditional art, with soulful mystical numbers and rhythmic songs added to the mix.


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