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Mounting debt, rent demand forced Jordanian to burgle bank at gunpoint
September 26, 2018, 8:27 am

The Criminal Investigations Department has completed interrogations with the armed Jordanian who robbed the Gulf Bank branch in Nugra recently at gun point, reports Al-Anba daily.

The man carrying a pistol, which turned out to be a toy, stole KD 4,500. According to a security source the height of the thief, the CCTV footage and the way he spoke to the staff behind the cash counter ascertained that he was not an Egyptian but was trying to mislead the police.

According to the suspect’s confession, he has been living in the country for the past five years, was unemployed and the debts exceeded KD 1,000. During the detailed confession, he explained for the past one month he had been monitoring the place and the movement of the customers and came to the conclusion that Thursday was the best day to commit the crime.

The robber said he was aware of the procedures banks would follow in the event of theft. He concluded that he would not face any resistance from the staff as they had explicit instructions not to resist armed thieves and then report the incident to competent security authorities within seconds.

He said he targeted the bank and not a market or a shop although there are several jewelry and cell phone shops in the area for fear he would be identified, resisted or discovered the weapon he was carrying was a mere toy.

He also admitted that the caretaker of the building where he was staying frequently demanded him to pay the rent and that it was one of the reasons that led him to decide to rob the bank. He added, after KD 4,500 from the bank, he paid the accumulated rent and kept the remaining money (KD 3,900) in the apartment of his Filipino girlfriend in Salmiya.

He said she was not aware of his intention to commit the crime. He said he told the bankers three armed snipers were waiting for him outside and that if they chased him they will be shot.

The robber revealed he planned to escape from Kuwait after committing the crime but realized there was a travel ban on him since he was a debtor. He added, if he knew he could pay the debts at the airport, he would do so and flee the country.

Source: Arab Times

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