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Motivational speeches inspire at the IMA Youth Wing's convention
October 20, 2015, 10:33 am

Indian Muslim Association-Youth Wing, Kuwait, in cooperation with Grand Mosque, Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs, Kuwait, organized a youth convention – 'Hayya Alal Falah' ‘Rush to Success’, on Friday, 16 September, 2015, in Masjid-e-Sanad Al-Azmi, Khaitan, that was attended by about four hundred people.

Iqbal Hussain, National President SIO of India, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest and shared the dais with Masood Shihaab, President of IMA, Arshad Habeeb, General Secretrary, IMA, Hafez Hafeez ur Rahman, President, Islamic Educational Society-Kuwait, Mr. Raaz Ahmed, IMA Zonal President – Khaitan, Khaja Moinuddin, IMA Zonal President- Abbassiya, Ehtesham, Human Resource Manager, Kentz International Company.

The convention was held as part of an associate making Campaign, which started, from 25 September till 16 October 2015, of IMA Youth Wing-Kuwait.

The convention started with a beautiful recitation of Surah Al-A’la (The Most High) by Hafez Mobin, followed by many inspiring speeches by the distinguished dignitaries. Hafez Hafeez ur Rahman, the first to speak on the occasion, urged people, particularly the youth, to mend their differences and work towards an ideal society. He reminded the youth of their responsibilities towards the community and their role in shaping its future.

Mr. Iqbal, who also spoke on the same lines, emphasized the need for Muslim youth to play an active role in changing the socio-economic condition of the community. He said: “Unless the Muslim youth rise to the occasion and work for the upliftment of the community, the situation of the Ummah will not change for the better”.  He spoke at length on how the youth in the past have contributed and brought positive changes in the world. Mr. Iqbal credited the success of developed nations to the dedication, focus, and determination of their youth. He added: “For a country or a community to progress, its youth must strive collectively for a common goal”.

Mr. Iqbal advised the youth present to take a cue from Japan, on how the country emerged a winner after being bombed with an atom bomb. He said: “After the Hiroshima-Nagasaki incident, people of Japan, particularly the youth, did not get bogged down by the tragedy that struck them. They decided to build their country all over again, and today we all have the result to see”. He presented a three-point formula and called the Muslim youth to it to resurrect the Ummah. He asked the youth to spread the teachings of the holy Quran, become pioneers in the field of Science and Technology, and call people towards Islam.

The convention ended with Masood Shihaab inviting the youth to join IMA Youth Wing. He called the youth to strive for the betterment of community and hoped the convention would inspire more youth to work for the society in the coming days.


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