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Motivational Session at SIS
November 20, 2017, 11:26 am

Smart Indian School (SIS) organized a session about 'Behavioral Counselling' on 15 November by a renowned educationist and a motivational preacher, Dr. Thomas Idiculla from Harvard University. With an objective of providing a proper guidance to their behavior and to eradicate the budding adverse conduct in their day-to-day interaction and socialization, the school invested a two-hours session of enlightening the children with the refinement that followed by adapting the directions laid down by the motivator. The students with all their self-will, inspired to be watchful of their own disposition, gave the session a lively participation by posing all their queries that affirmed their readiness to change.

The session focused on the ways to evite and vent out stress and anger, listed some facile methods to prevail against exam fears, embodying education as a passport to conquer the world and the personalities that are existent in today’s world. The notion of each and every one being a lifelong learner was stressed to yield into a disciplinary life and to shun procrastination to our utmost strength in one accord. The speaker was awarded a memento for his valuable session with the students by the Principal.


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