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Mothers honoured in Bhavans
June 6, 2015, 11:05 am

CBSE Section of Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan), Kuwait had a day on 28 May 2105 to honor the mothers of their children in the primary school.  Many mothers received the honors from their little beloved ones. Two grandmothers viz. Maheswari Gunashekharan and Usha Radhakrishnan were the chief guests of the occasion.  Anita Sadananda, Vice Principal Senior Wing and Mrs.  Lalitha Premkumar, Vice Principal, the KG and the Primary Wings were the special invitees.

CBSEi section of the primary school has FAMILY as the theme of studies for the month of May. Therefore the school invited all the mothers of their children for a special assembly wherein all of them were greeted by their own kids giving them a warm hug and a thank you card. The grandmothers were befittingly honoured with ponnada (golden shawl) by Lalitha Premkuar.

The short get together of the teachers, the mothers and their kids was a culmination of a great vision of ensuring the holistic growth of the child’s personality.  Children welcomed the fact that their mothers also are a part of their schooling. The great tradition of India which always respected elders in general, and mothers in special was talked about by all the speakers on the occasion.

Anita Sadanda wanted the kids to be with their mothers by keeping themselves happy. She narrated the story of a child who amputated his added popularity so that he will get a chance to be with his mother forever.  Lalitha Premkumar lauded the mothers who have been blessed with wonderful children.  Najida Abdullah, who spoke on behalf of all the mothers, expressed her elation over the initiative taken by the school in bringing the families of children closer to their educational institution.

The variety of entertainments like invocation dance, group songs, skit etc. staged by the children for their parents talked vociferously about the talents groomed in the school. The Heritage club was inaugurated and Master Geo Varghese Mathew was declared as the President and Master Vinayak Anilkumar as the secretary. The President expressed his views about the Heritage club.

In the short meeting held after the event with the mothers, Suresh V. Balakrishan, the Vice Principal of the CBSEi expressed his gratitude to the mothers.  He also wanted to strengthen the bonding between the parents and the school in which their kids are studying.  No healthy schooling, according to him, is possible in the absence of such a strong understanding between the teacher, the students and the parents. Master Andrew Joseph Rodrigues welcomed the gathering and Master Mohammed Waleed Hisham delivered the vote of thanks.  Miss Tanvi and Miss Navya were the emcees.

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