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Mother’s Day at Integrated Indian School
June 8, 2017, 11:46 am

The kindergarten wing celebrated mother’s day on 14 May 2017. About 100 parents attended the grand celebration. The toddlers made their mother’s extremely happy with the verity programme. It commenced with the assembly followed by the address of our principal Mr. Arul Dharmaraj Thomas and kinder garten teachers.

Various games were conducted in which every mother took active part and made their wards very happy, some of the game were, identification one’s own child blind folded, Bombing the city, etc. The purpose behind all these is to build a strong bond between mothers, children and the school. Children presented cards to their mothers to show their love and respect towards them.

Parents enjoyed the refreshment and they highly appreciated the programme. They thanked the principal and the teachers for the wonderful entertainments and thoughtfulness shown to them by the school. All the parents were presented with a participation certificate by the management.

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